Membership Levels

Membership Levels

We no longer accept new signups on this website. For signups, bookings and class schedules, come and visit us at our brand new home: We can’t wait to share the fun with you!

Our membership levels are the same across all our classes — MammaFit During Pregnancy, MammaFit with Baby, MammaFit Moms in Balance without Baby, and Super Dads. You can even mix and match classes!

Active Mom (or Dad) — Attend up to 4 classes per month.
Active Mom (or Dad) PLUS — Attend up to 8 per month.
Active Mom (or Dad) FLEXI — Attend any number of classes as often as you would like.
And the 6-month SAVER membership allows you to attend the same classes for less!

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Classes are running all year through and you can start at any date if you are pregnant and after 6 weeks from the birth of your baby, provided that your pregnancy or postnatal check-up was ok. If you join us during your pregnancy you can freeze your subscription and continue later on, with your baby.

With each subscription you can choose to join any available class, any day and different days per week. For example it can be one week on Monday and the next on Thursday. In case of holiday or special needs we are flexible.

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