Super Dads

Super Dads

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We love supporting parenthood and we know what a big change becoming Father is, so for all you SUPER DADS, we have created this special class.

The Cool/Super Dads workout is a fitness training program, specifically designed for dads and future dads.

Come join us with or without your baby.

You will exercise in a healthy way, in the park (or classroom if the weather is bad), so you and your kids can enjoy the fresh air while spending quality time together and exercising!

The class focuses on the full body workout, mixing strength training, cardio exercises and interval training — the healthy way. We also pay specific attention to dads’ bellies and abdominals.

The trainers adapt the trainings to the fitness level and languages of the participants.

If you are bringing your baby, then ideally bring a baby carrier. It is the ideal place for the baby – being close to dad’s body and heartbeat, the little ones develop a strong bond with their fathers. Very young babies are ideally carried on the front, while older children are better when strapped to the back of the father.

Kids can also stay in their strollers if this is what you’d prefer during training.

This is a great opportunity to bond with your child and at the same time meet other new (or soon-to-be) fathers.

You can check the classes schedule here

Train at home with your baby

Book & DVD

If you can’t join our classes or if you are planning to train at home as well, the MammaFit Book & DVD is for you! In English and Italian.

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