MammaFit With Baby

MammaFit With Baby

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This class offered to the new moms with baby (6 weeks old at least), lasts about one hour and is adapted for an outside or inside setting, depending on the weather conditions.

Moms can join each class with their baby in the stroller and baby carrier/sling/wrap/mei tai. We always recommend to bring both to be both comfortable during the class and better adapt to the baby needs.

The baby carrier is the ideal place for the baby. Close to the mum’s body and heartbeat, the little ones find the nice memory of the womb. The use of the slings has recently developed in the western countries: soft, comfortable and sometimes more ergonomic than the baby carrier, they more easily fit to mother and baby postures.

Very young babies may be carried on the chest, while older children can be placed on the back of the mother. The weight of the set is the resistance with which mums’ legs work.

The class focuses on the healthy full body workout, with specific attention to new moms’ bellies, abdominals and pelvic floor, as it is so important to respect the natural changes on the mother’s body during pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum.

The trainers adapt the trainings to the fitness level and languages of the participants.

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Train at home with your baby

Book & DVD

If you can’t join our classes or if you are planning to train at home as well, the MammaFit Book & DVD is for you! In English and Italian.

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