MammaFit During Pregnancy

MammaFit During Pregnancy

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MammaFit during Pregnancy is a session that prepares pregnant women to the marathon of childbirth. Lessons are structured with the same natural rhythm of labour: an intensive phase is followed by a recovery and relaxation phase on the same principle that a contraction (wave) is followed by a break. It is a rhythm that repeats and teaches participants the tricks of nature, preparing the expecting mothers well. With prolonged breaths the mother can take better advantage of the space and time to recover and cope with the next contraction wave.

The lessons are creative and diverse as the feminine nature. They alternate different styles: in addition to healthy free body exercises, variations are offered with gym balls and scarfs. Gym balls are very good to support the weight of the bump and relieve sore legs. Scarfs are used including the heating auto-massage to activate circulation and drain fluids, in addition to being used for stretching and toning.

Last but not least, women will learn to breathe! Unlike the physiological breathing, you learn the breath of birth (apana wind in yoga). This breath is synchronized with the tonic exercise movements, helping the mom to prepare for the expulsion phase, in a fun but effective frame of mind.

MammaFit pregnancy training exercises are particularly focused on mobility, pelvic opening and a fundamental muscle: the perineum, muscle of intimacy and femininity, which absorbs and retains all the deepest emotions. Connecting to this muscle means understanding and improving our well-being, in the preparation of the admirable task of motherhood.

Mothers preparing for a planned caesarean section will particularly benefit from this course since they will reach the date being more aware and more fit.

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Train at home with your baby

Book & DVD

If you can’t join our classes or if you are planning to train at home as well, the MammaFit Book & DVD is for you! In English and Italian.

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