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About Us

About MammaFit

MammaFit is a sports association recognised by the Italian Olympic Committee CONI, and affiliated to MSP. MammaFit mission is to help and support new mothers in the delicate period during pregnancy and after birth, creating recreational and sports facilities and activities for mums and children in particular between 0 and 3 years old.

Alice Cappato

Alice has practiced sport since she was a child; athletics, standard and latin dance, gymnastics at competitive level. She has been a trainer and judge for the Italian Gymnastics Federation (FGI) and Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti (UISP). She directed and managed her sports association for 10 years in Italy, offering gymnastics classes to children and fitness classes to adults.

Fascinated by the world of maternity and babies, Alice is a certified instructor and personal trainer for workout during pregnancy, for mother and baby, with stroller and baby carrier. Her specialty is training for healthy abdominals. She cooperates with the Italian founders of MammaFit to help pregnant women and young mothers with staying fit in Luxembourg.

She enjoys sport, living healthy and positive thinking.

To contact Alice, please write to alice@mammafit.lu

Our philosophy – A serene mum is a better mum!

Which mother has never experienced happiness whilst extremely tired?

Our philosophy – A serene mum is a better mum!

Which mother has never experienced happiness whilst extremely tired?

A baby needs constant care and attention. Add to this feedings every 3 hours, diaper changes, household chores, visits by curious relatives and friends… How great would it be to enjoy this new life if she weren’t so tired! Factor in the hormonal reorganization, and you have a mum in free fall.

Some new mothers are chronically tired, others look for support to their mum or friends, but sometimes it seems that this is not enough. The new mum ends her day exhausted, while losing contact with the external world. What she used to do before is not what she does now.

The social life, friends, evenings, everything changes, at least for a while.. In this situation what can be better than going out and train with our baby and other new mums? What better company?

This is what mums can enjoy at the MammaFit classes:

  • Socialization and conviviality – time with other mums with similar experiences
  • Fitness programme tailored to the delicate periods of pregnancy and after birth
  • Mums are able to dedicate an hour to their own well-being without diminishing care for their baby There is no need for baby sitter!
  • A healthy and social way to lose the pregnancy weight
  • The bond between mum and baby is reinforced
  • New mothers need to get out, meet other mums and talk about their experiences, joys and worries
  • Joining the MammaFit fitness programme helps preventing low spirits and loneliness, as well as post natal depression in the worst cases
  • The mothers are the behavioural model for their children; MammaFit is a joyful way to teach our kids the love for sport!

Our Mission

Our aim is to offer a pre- and post-natal programme for the mum-to-be or new mum enabling her to take care of herself and support mums-to-be and new mothers with the associated physical inconveniences: back and hips pain, loose abdomen, urinary incontinence.

We open up the fitness world to mums who are eager to get rid of these extra kilos and to wear again the jeans from before pregnancy.

That is why we have created a special fitness programme, which aims to tone the ‘usual’ muscles. The programme includes specific exercises to allow mums to progressively get back in shape in a safe way.

Unlike other conventional fitness instructors, MammaFit coaches are specifically trained for fitness for pregnant women and new mums, whose bodies are going through big changes. Therefore, they help you to exercise without risk of serious injury to your body.

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